“A modern, funky Edith Piaf” -The Boston Globe

“The kind of soaring, otherworldly harmonies Brooklyn’s Grizzly Bear get all the accolades for….as layered and lush as anything produced by Brian Wilson”
-Crispin Kott – Roll Magazine

As the stage was cleared for the next act, the crowd chatter began to build, so much in fact that half of them didn’t even notice Willy Mason walk onstage to introduce main tour support Nina Violet.

For a woman with such a small frame, Nina Violet has a powerful voice, with depth and a hint of that bluesy rawness, like an old record player, that seems to only come from certain American singers. She even has the high swooping moan reminiscent of Joan Baez heard in House of the Rising Sun.  Her voice takes you right back into America’s past, onto the front of an old porch in the heat of summer.

She has impressive finger style skill on the guitar, building the intensity of her playing when the crowd murmurs too loud. Her lyrics are beautiful but tinged with pain, the lines Don’t you put me down with the pretty girls/ You’d never lose me in a crowd/ How’d you get so close to me? particularly stood out. If America were looking for their own Laura Marling, I think they’d have to look no further than Nina Violet.

-travelling mouse blog

“Violet sings and writes songs like a grownup. I mean that in the best sense- when you are wise enough to have no use for affectation of any sort, you just deliver a bullshit-free, direct line to the listener” -Eszther Balint – ArtForum best of 2010

“A quick listen to some of the studio tracks reveals moments of startling voice control in the emerging Violet…Forget Elliott Smith or Devendra Banhart – this was indie folk with attitude.”
-Dan Ashby – The Yorker, UK

“Listen, if you can get past the sheer beauty of her voice, to Nina’s lyrics. How she settles on words so pitch-perfect yet unexpected is one of the unsettling mysteries that is destined to bring Nina to the world’s attention any day now.”
-Daniel Waters – Martha’s Vineyard Times

“The highlight of the evening arrives when Nina briefly takes centre stage. The one song she has time to perform is unexpected, and completely gorgeous. Nina Violet causes a united hushed silence providing three precious minutes of folk perfection. ”
-Joshua Cole – Drowned in Sound

“We haven’t quite worked out who Nina reminds us vocally. Like all class acts she reminds you of several people at one and the same time but the whole thing is so seamless that you have your work cut out to identify them and she just ends up sounding like herself….Buf if we say there are similarities to AIMEE MANN, ALISON KRAUSS, ROSANNE CASH, GILLIAN WELCH and LUCINDA WILLIAMS…well you get the picture: she is right up there.”
-The Band Room, UK


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